Shopping Services

Food and Groceries

Sure, we all need to eat, but let’s face it: eating out or ordering in five or six nights a week will empty your wallet faster than you can say, “do you deliver?”Woman Shopping

Making matters more complicated these days is the range of specialty and gourmet products, organic vegetables and other items that require multiple shopping trips to multiple stores (and multiple parking lots, skinny parking spaces, long lines, frustrating self-checkout registers… you get the picture). 

As always, Errand-Hopper is here to help. Our team includes experienced cooks who are actually really, really good at grocery shopping. Our associates understand gourmet tastes as well as coupon-clipping sensibilities. Your Errand-Hopper associate can help you create and maintain grocery lists and handle your regular shopping trips. We can even provide you with menu-planning assistance.

We'll run to the grocery store, get your wine and spirits, pick up your favorite bread or dessert. Tell us what you need, we'll put it in the "hopper"!

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Personal Items & Prescriptions

Shopping for Personal ItemsSometimes we need a specific something at an inconvenient time. Whether its that special cosmetic item from that boutique shop on the other end of town, or perhaps it's a basic cold remedy from the pharmacy, sometimes we're just not in a position to go and get it.

As always, Errand-Hopper is here to help. Looking for that particular skin product or cosmetic within hours of a special engagement? Focus on getting ready and let us do the running. Home with the aches and pains of an oncoming flu bug? Stay in your PJs, drink plenty of fluids and let us pick up something from the pharmacy to help you through it.

We can run personal errands such as:

  • Dry cleaning drop-off and pick-up
  • Forgotton homework/lunch
  • Library run
  • City/town hall visits

You never know what curve balls will be thrown at you in any given day, but rest assured, Errand-Hopper is at the ready and ready to help out.

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Mall Shopping

Most of us have neither have the time nor the desire to deal with looking for the little red “You ShoppingAre Here” dot on the mall directory to figure out which of the half-dozen stores you need to check for that one particular item you need.

Of course, that’s after parking on the wrong side of the mall and not long before forgetting which exit will take you back to that space on the wrong side of the mall in which you have parked you car. Errand-Hopper, on the other hand, approaches tension-raising tasks like this with gusto. We’re pros at getting in and out of the mall, correct item in hand – at the correct price.

You tell us what you need, and where you want it purchased or exchanged -- or have us hunt for a better deal, if possible -- and we go, get it, and deliver it to you in a jiffy -- without fear of distraction by the Dippin’ Dots stand.

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Gifts & Holidays

We all love the holidays, certainly. But let's just get this out in the open: they can be stressful, at the very least. From Thanksgiving though New Year's (peppered with an anniversary here and there, Mother'sShopping Bags Day, Father's Day, birthdays, weddings, bar-mitzvahs, teacher gifts...we could go on), it seems time to shop for gifts or a holiday is running thin.

At Errand-Hopper, we want to help you enjoy the special times, and what better way than our gift-shopping service. You provide as much or as little detail as you can on the type of gift needed, and we do the legwork. And, on those occasions where you are the recipient of a well-intentioned but less-than-desired, or ill-fitting gift, we can deal with the hassle of returns and exchanges, quickly and easily.

We will, upon occasion, help out on a major holiday - please see our Rates page.

So take the stress and aggravation out of what really should be a time to celebrate and enjoy. Go eat some turkey or birthday cake. Drink some egg nog and be happy. Errand-Hopper has got you covered.

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Party Supplies

PartyWhether it's a birthday party or a 50th wedding anniversary, Errand-Hopper can help you create a memorable party without the hustle and bustle of hunting for favors, picking up the cake or blowing up balloons. Count on your Errand-Hopper to do the running for you.

Planning a surprise party? What better way to keep that guest of honor in the dark by handing off all of the party supplies shopping to Errand-Hopper. They will never know how you managed to completely fool them!

Errand-Hopper can handle all of your party-supplies needs: Decorations, favors, food, even booking entertainment. Just let us know what you'd like and we'll take it from there.

We can even remain on-site throughout the party to ensure your guests are taken care of and that everything runs smoothly.  We offer "Day of" Concierge services for all types of events.

Call or email us today, or use our online errand request form to get the ball rolling in planning your special day.

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