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I recently used Errand Hopper

I recently used Errand Hopper for pet care.  Jen took care of my dog and two cats while my family was away.  Not only did I feel confident in her abilities, she went above and beyond.  Our dog had just had ear surgery and Jen checked his ear every visit.  She then noticed that one of my cats' eyes did not look right.  She took the initiative to contact me to let me know and ask if there was any treatment she could do or contact my vet for me.  Excellent customer service!!  Will definitely use them again and again!

Errand Hopper took great care

Errand Hopper took great care of my two needy beagles.  They got extra belly rubs and it was such a relief to have a wonderful, caring person who loves animals take care of my dogs while I was unable to.  Jen provided great service working to ensure that they were well taken care of on their usual daily routine.  I will definitely use them again!