1. Our standard rate for most errands is $35.00 per hour, with a one-hour minimum charge. Additional charges will be calculated in 15-minute increments. For substantial home organization, our rate is $45.00 per hour. In-home pet care rates are a flat-rate $15.00 per visit. Our time starts from the time we leave our office and continues until the errand is completed.
  2. For a greater value, pre-pay for hourly packages to receive a discount.  Contact us for details.
  3. Blocks of hours are non-refundable. Any unused time can be carried over for a full twelve months from the date of purchase.  Any unused time at the end of the twelve months, from the purchase date, will expire.
  4. The following surcharges may occur: $10.00 per each additional hour for all requests made before 8:30 am and/or after 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.  All requests other than pet-care visits occurring on a Saturday or Sunday may also incur a $10.00 hourly surcharge.  A $25.00 hourly surcharge ($10.00 per-vist surcharge for pet-care visits) may occur for all services occurring on a U.S. holiday, specified by Errand-Hopper.  All surcharges are in addition to regular hourly charges or per-errand charges.
  5. Additional mileage charges will apply to any job outside of a 10-mile radius, unless otherwise stated.  Our mileage fee outside of a 10-mile radius is billed at $.55 cents per mile.
  6. Late fees, at 2% interest, will begin to accrue 7 days after service has been completed.
  7. A fee of $30.00 will be assessed on any and all returned checks.
  8. If Errand-Hopper cannot gain access to the client’s residence or place of business, due to the fault of the client, the client will be charged a $35.00 cancellation fee.

When we receive your errand request, we will contact you to discuss the details of your need and provide an approximate cost estimate. Payment is due upon completion of the errand. We accept cash, check, PayPal and most major credit cards.

Any errands requiring an Errand-Hopper expense of $50.00 or more (a shopping errand, for example) will require an advance deposit of that amount in cash or via credit card. Your Errand-Hopper associate will provide payment details. Any deposit in excess of the expenditure will be deducted from the total errand cost.

For additional information on Errand-Hopper and our services, rates and discounts, call us at 203-403-9434 or email info@errand-hopper.com.


Rates for Service

Service Rate

Standard Errand

$35.00 per hour

Extensive Home Organization

$45.00 per hour

Pet Care $15.00 per visit
After Hours, Weekends $10 per hour surcharge
Holidays $25 per hour surcharge
Holiday Pet Care $10 per-visit surcharge