Personal Items & Prescriptions

Shopping for Personal ItemsSometimes we need a specific something at an inconvenient time. Whether its that special cosmetic item from that boutique shop on the other end of town, or perhaps it's a basic cold remedy from the pharmacy, sometimes we're just not in a position to go and get it.

As always, Errand-Hopper is here to help. Looking for that particular skin product or cosmetic within hours of a special engagement? Focus on getting ready and let us do the running. Home with the aches and pains of an oncoming flu bug? Stay in your PJs, drink plenty of fluids and let us pick up something from the pharmacy to help you through it.

We can run personal errands such as:

  • Dry cleaning drop-off and pick-up
  • Forgotton homework/lunch
  • Library run
  • City/town hall visits

You never know what curve balls will be thrown at you in any given day, but rest assured, Errand-Hopper is at the ready and ready to help out.

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