Moving & Relocation Assistance

Moving or relocating a family is among life’s most stressful experiences. The packing,  scheduling of utilities; dealing with banks, mortgages, home inspections, vehicle registrations, Movingmovers, storage, change of address forms – the list goes on and on.

Then there is the unpacking, the setting up of utilities, school registration, decorating – and that’s all before even saying “hello” to the neighbors, let alone understanding the community and building a social network.

Well, Errand-Hopper is like a good neighbor. We’re here to help you say hello or, (sniff) say goodbye.

We’re good at packing and particularly good at unpacking. We help you deal with all the boxes of “stuff” you can’t imagine how you managed to collect over the years. In fact, send the movers ahead and we’ll meet them at the new place and start setting up before you even arrive!

While we’re at it, we can handle getting the utilities turned on, if needed, and even wait for the cable installer.

And just as important, we can provide you with the details on our community – facts about the schools, the hospitals, the restaurants. We can help you feel right at home in no time!

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