Messenger & Shipping Services

Fortunately, so much business communication today is managed electronically, but there remains a great many forms of documentation that must be produced and delivered in hard Couriercopy. And as is often the case, documents are associated with deadlines.

Errand-Hopper can help your business run smoothly by providing on-demand package pick up and delivery services, as well as notary services, FedEx, UPS and USPS drop-offs, and even packaging and preparing items for shipment.

Attorneys, medical professionals, mortgage brokers, real-estate agents -- small- and mid-size businesses of all kinds -- need reliable on-demand services like Errand-Hopper to handle the transfer of paperwork from location to location. And coming soon: Notary Services.

When it comes to documents, packages and paperwork, Errand-Hopper delivers!

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