Mall Shopping

Most of us have neither have the time nor the desire to deal with looking for the little red “You ShoppingAre Here” dot on the mall directory to figure out which of the half-dozen stores you need to check for that one particular item you need.

Of course, that’s after parking on the wrong side of the mall and not long before forgetting which exit will take you back to that space on the wrong side of the mall in which you have parked you car. Errand-Hopper, on the other hand, approaches tension-raising tasks like this with gusto. We’re pros at getting in and out of the mall, correct item in hand – at the correct price.

You tell us what you need, and where you want it purchased or exchanged -- or have us hunt for a better deal, if possible -- and we go, get it, and deliver it to you in a jiffy -- without fear of distraction by the Dippin’ Dots stand.

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