Food and Groceries

Sure, we all need to eat, but let’s face it: eating out or ordering in five or six nights a week will empty your wallet faster than you can say, “do you deliver?”Woman Shopping

Making matters more complicated these days is the range of specialty and gourmet products, organic vegetables and other items that require multiple shopping trips to multiple stores (and multiple parking lots, skinny parking spaces, long lines, frustrating self-checkout registers… you get the picture). 

As always, Errand-Hopper is here to help. Our team includes experienced cooks who are actually really, really good at grocery shopping. Our associates understand gourmet tastes as well as coupon-clipping sensibilities. Your Errand-Hopper associate can help you create and maintain grocery lists and handle your regular shopping trips. We can even provide you with menu-planning assistance.

We'll run to the grocery store, get your wine and spirits, pick up your favorite bread or dessert. Tell us what you need, we'll put it in the "hopper"!

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