Family Concierge Service

If your family is like most, you probably wish you had a regular staff to help with the errands, house cleaning, meal preparation, organizing, or driving. But chances are you are filling all of those roles yourself – and at a steep costFamily.

Research studies have revealed – perhaps to the surprise of few – that 10 percent of American parents eat fewer than one meal with their teenage children per week. Parents today need help keeping all the balls in the air. Our highly-programmed children and demanding dual-income lifestyles are leaving little margin for error. It’s affecting our health; it’s affecting our mental state and its affecting our relationships.

We are trying to cover too much ground and by most accounts, we often feel we just can't do it all. Even parents of newborns struggle to manage things. Why should such precious time not be enjoyed to the fullest? You take care of the baby -- and leave the rest to us!

You may not have the budget for full-time help, and that’s why there’s Errand-Hopper. We’re here when you simply need a little help covering all of the bases. Whether it’s some basic organizing, light housekeeping, shopping, picking up dry cleaning, packing lunches or even helping you manage your home office filing system, we can jump in and help when you need us.

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