Auto Services

The check engine light is on – and that usually means a trip to the dealer or the local mechanic, sometimes having to hitch a ride from a friend or colleague, or dealing with the hassle of a service loaner forCar Repair what may amount to a one-hour repair job. Or, even worse, it can mean sitting for an hour or more in the waiting area.

Let Errand-Hopper pick up and deliver your vehicle for service and return it to your home or place of business when it’s ready, leaving you safe and dry in your office or otherwise occupied in more enjoyable experiences. 

Your car is in tip-top shape, you say? Then let Errand-Hopper help you keep it that way. Let us save you time by taking your car for any of the following services:

  • Emissions inspection appointments
  • Oil changes
  • Tire rotations and winter tire swap
  • Car wash and detail
  • Dealer recalls
  • Repairs & diagnostics
  • Top off the gas tank

Let Errand-Hopper keep you rolling.

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