Business Services

In-Office and Virtual Assistance

We take on all the nitty-gritty work for independent professionals and small businesses owners that don't need a full-time assistant or office manager. We provide the helping hands you need to keep yourRelaxed Businessman office running smoothly without interrupting the flow of business.

Does your office have a busy season? Do you find you are asking your office staff to manage tasks unrelated to their jobs? Are there piles of paperwork waiting to be sorted and filed? Is the phone ringing and you have nobody there to answer it? Do you need help during a meeting or trade show? These are typical scenarios for office concierge assistance or virtual assistants.

This flexible program allows you to schedule help when you need it and not be obligated to a long-term temporary staff person. But unlike some online virtual assistant services, Errand-Hopper works directly with local clients, because personal relationships are important. We are not just a voice on the phone or a part-time student halfway across the country. We bring personal service and flawless professionalism to your business needs.

Our Office Concierge Service is great for:

  • Organizing
  • Replenishing and stocking office supplies
  • Food deliveries for meetings, meeting preparation
  • Special event and corporate meeting planning
  • Trade show participation
  • Messenger services, Post Office/FedEx/UPS stops
  • Follow-up calls
  • Temporary office assistance

In today’s questionable economic climate, many small- and mid-size business owners are taking a conservative route toward growth. And we certainly understand the logic. Taking on the costs and commitments associated with new full- and part-time hires is a risk many business owners are not comfortable with today.

Hopefully, the economy will continue to improve and small businesses will continue to create jobs, but in the meantime, Errand-Hopper can help fill the gaps. Our professional associates have experience in a range of office environments, from administrative capabilities to management. If you have a temporary, sporadic or short-term need for in-office assistance, Errand-Hopper can hit the ground running and carry the ball as far and as fast as you need.

Contact us to discuss the specifics of your business needs and the skill set required and we’ll do our best to deliver on your business needs.

At Errand-Hopper, we make it our business to help your business thrive.

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Meeting & Event Management

Business meetings should be productive and focused, yet with all of the little details involved in conducting a business meeting, it can be difficult for a small business owner not to be distracted.Meetng Planner

Is the meeting room ready? Are the accommodations appropriate? Is the A/V equipment functioning and ready? What about refreshments? Overnight accommodations? Documents, printing, copies - the list goes on.

Errand-Hopper was co-founded by an experienced corporate meeting planner, so you can rest assured your meeting will be in the best of hands. We handle a wide range of meeting-management services, from the mundane to the complex. If your meeting needs it, chances are we've done it, so you can work and feel confident there will be no hiccups or surprises.

*Our Meeting & Event Management services include:

  • Site selection
  • Hotel & catering contract negotiation
  • Budget development & management
  • Speaker liaison
  • Marketing assistance
  • Exhibits and trade shows
  • Vendor management
  • Audio/visual coordination
  • Sponsor liaison
  • Attendee & registration services (online registration management services available at an additional charge)
  • On-Site liaison
  • Presentation services - document delivery, copying, collating
  • PowerPoint & Prezi design & creation (additional fees may apply)
  • Small-meeting assistance

Leave your meeting-planning needs in our hands so you can focus on the business at hand.

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*This service is offered in our Fairfield County location only


Messenger & Shipping Services

Fortunately, so much business communication today is managed electronically, but there remains a great many forms of documentation that must be produced and delivered in hard Couriercopy. And as is often the case, documents are associated with deadlines.

Errand-Hopper can help your business run smoothly by providing on-demand package pick up and delivery services, as well as notary services, FedEx, UPS and USPS drop-offs, and even packaging and preparing items for shipment.

Attorneys, medical professionals, mortgage brokers, real-estate agents -- small- and mid-size businesses of all kinds -- need reliable on-demand services like Errand-Hopper to handle the transfer of paperwork from location to location. And coming soon: Notary Services.

When it comes to documents, packages and paperwork, Errand-Hopper delivers!

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Employee Concierge Services

The single most important asset to any company is people. Work/life balance has become a key issue affecting every employer and their employees. If you are like most executives Buildingswe've met, chances are you're continually looking for new ways to improve the output of your workforce. More and more corporations today are offering concierge services to their employees.

According to recent surveys by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), offering employee benefits is second only to providing job security when it comes to steps employers can take to improve employee satisfaction.  By offering Errand-Hopper services to your employees, you'll provide a benefit so powerful that it will allow you and them to be more productive and will increase your bottom line at the same time.

Whether your priority is for improved morale, or you want to reward high performers, or you aim to be considered the employer of choice in your area, we will develop a cost effective package that meets both your budget and your employees' needs.

Contact us today and we can arrange a program specifically for your organization.

Lunch Pickup & Delivery

We all know its important to get away from the desk at lunch time, to get some air and enjoy a change of scenery. But we also understand there are those days where lunch at the deskLunch Bag is called for -- whether it's working on a tight deadline or conducting a team "working lunch."

You can always count on Errand-Hopper to take care of your lunch pickup and delivery, allowing you and your team to continue forging ahead.

And since we conduct a wide range of business-related errands and services, why not combine your needs and make the most of our services. Why not have us take care of bringing in lunch while also taking care of document shipping or a courier service?

At Errand-Hopper, we focus on the little things so you can stay focused on the big things.

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